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Cattle Mineral Tips for Spring

As winter shifts to spring, it’s time to take a look at cattle management. Specifically, your cattle mineral program. Make sure cattle management, and cattle mineral, reflect the season to help keep cattle performing year-round. Quick, timely considerations for your Purina cattle mineral program. It can be tough getting cattle to eat mineral when grass…

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Will Great Nutrition Guarantee Trophy Bucks?

Great nutrition will give your deer the opportunity to maximize their genetic potential for antler growth, but it is just one (albeit an important one) of many factors that affect deer antler growth. Even assuming that you are providing the best nutrition possible, other things, some within your control and some not, will affect production…

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Caring for Baby Chicks: What to Do Once They Arrive

Bringing home your baby chicks is an exciting milestone in raising backyard chickens. The three key essentials for raising strong baby chicks: Warm, water and feed. Start chicks strong by providing a complete chick starter feed from day 1 through week 18. For those of us welcoming new chicks, how can we give them a…

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Conditioning Bulls for Spring Breeding Starts in Winter

For ideal breeding results after spring calving, focus on getting bulls in optimal body condition score during the winter. Breeding season may seem like it is months away for spring calving herds. However, winter is a vital time to ensure your bulls will be ready to perform at turnout later in spring or summer. Start…

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Wintering Cattle? Tips to Keep Them Warm

Cold weather impacts your cattle, but they can’t stay warm by putting on winter boots, a coat and a hat. They need other ways to keep warm. Winter nutrition and environment management will help maintain a cow’s core body temperature, keeping cows warm from the inside out. If you’re wintering cattle, here are 7 tips…

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How to Keep Chickens Warm in Winter Weather

There’s nothing as cozy and snug as your hens in their winter chicken coop. But many flock raisers wonder how to keep chickens warm in winter. Follow our 10 cold weather flock tips and know a bird’s thick feathers are a natural protective coat, so most breeds are well-equipped for winter without the need for…

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See Clearly and Save Time with ClearView Tubs

Picture this: You’re driving around checking cattle and need to see if your protein tubs are running low. It just rained, so conditions are muddy, and you’ve got several pastures to check. Scenario 1: You have to drive through all of the pastures (and mud), opening every set of gates along the way, only to…

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Feeding Horses Well into Their Senior Years

With many people today living into their nineties, the definition of “senior” has changed considerably over the past few decades. People are working longer, staying active and making better nutritional choices in an effort to maintain muscle mass, joint and bone health, cognition, and a healthy heart. Now, for healthy, active seniors, 70 can be…

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Create a Calf Health and Marketing Edge

Quality nutrition and health protocols combined with progressive management is an equation to help deliver low-risk, high-value calves. Value-added programs, like Purina® Plus, help prepare cattle for the feedlot by giving calves a strong start with nutrition and health.[1],[2]  A complete nutritional foundation, comprehensive vaccines and quality dewormers prime Purina® Plus calves to meet their genetic potential from…

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Ration Balancer for Horses: Feeding for a Healthy Weight

The challenge with forages and feeding horses Horses have evolved over millions of years as grazers, roaming around selecting the best forages they could find. However, today’s horses are typically limited to a single type of forage in one geographic area. Pastures in the same area or even different sections of the same pasture can…

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