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What Kind of Support Can Mumme’s Provide Me

May 17, 2018

Mumme’s is your one-stop-shop! In addition to being the largest Purina AntlerMax dealer in the nation, Mumme’s has a full line of deer feeders, predator control, fencing needs, pet feed, and clothing for women and men. And you won’t want to miss a visit to our renowned gun room as well!

Mumme’s is your one-stop shop. Besides being the largest Purina AntlerMax dealer in the nation. Mumme’s is known best for the cleanest apple scented deer corn anywhere. With a full line of top named wildlife hardware such as All Seasons feeders, Texas Hunter products, and Bittercreek products, all of your feeder repair and replacement parts can be found as well as predator control products. Also, Mumme’s carries all your steel and electrical fencing needs, and a full line of top pet feeds are always on hand. Montana Silversmith jewelry and ladies’ clothes and boots will satisfy your female hunting partner while you can visit Mumme’s gun room. The staff in Mumme’s gun room is on to great steps to become a destination for the avid firearms and reloading enthusiast. Top names such as Cooper Firearms and Nightforce Optics,are rarely seen in small rural towns, but we have achieved great results with these prestigious companies. Mumme’s gun room is Cooper Firearms’ largest Texas dealer and sits at number 5 in the state for Nightforce Optics.


Wildlife management is a major part of the South Texas farm and ranch scene, and Mumme’s is here for you. We are the largest AntlerMax feed dealer in the United States for Purina Mills, the leader in animal nutrition. We offer a large selection of deer blinds, feeders, and hunting supplies. Shop us online, or visit us at any of our South Texas locations.

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