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Mumme’s Gun Room

May 17, 2018

Why should you check out Mumme’s gun room? Lance Cote, Mumme’s wildlife specialist can give you a few reasons to head over and take a look around.

Almost four years ago, we opened Mumme’s gun room. In that short time it has become known as a destination for shooters and hunters alike. The professional staff can help anyone from a beginner to the most avid competition shooter. We have a large inventory of firearms plus optics and accessories from the top names in the business. Mumme’s gun room has the best stock of reloading supplies in South Texas with staff members that know exactly what you’re looking for. We even do in-house license and carry classes, as well as a class 3 dealer in case a little quietness is what you’re looking for in the way of a supressor. Mumme’s gun room is also Cooper Firearms’ largest Texas dealer of custom rifles. Stop by our Hondo location today. I promise you’ll be impressed.


Wildlife management is a major part of the South Texas farm and ranch scene, and Mumme’s is here for you. We are the largest AntlerMax feed dealer in the United States for Purina Mills, the leader in animal nutrition. We offer a large selection of deer blinds, feeders, and hunting supplies. Shop with us online, or visit us at any of our South Texas locations.

Mumme's Gun Room
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