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Choosing the Right Protein for Your Deer Herd

May 17, 2018

Find out if Mumme’s can help you determine the ideal protein for your deer herd. Mumme’s wildlife specialist, Lance Cote, explains what Mumme’s does to help you choose the right protein for your deer in part 15 of Mumme’s Inc Deer Program Q&A.

Can Mumme’s help me in determining which deer feed is the best for my current situation?

With our complete line of Purina AntlerMax deer diets, we can choose the one that will fit your current needs and maximize your results.


Wildlife management is a major part of the South Texas farm and ranch scene, and Mumme’s is here for you. We are the largest AntlerMax feed dealer in the United States for Purina Mills, the leader in animal nutrition. We offer a large selection of deer blinds, feeders, and hunting supplies. Shop us online, or visit us at any of our South Texas locations.

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