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Wrangler 12 Pellet

Wrangler 12 PelletWrangler 12 Pellet

Need feed for your livestock? Take a look at all of the livestock feeds Mumme’s has available. Wrangler 12 Pellet is a Wrangler livestock feed available for purchase through Mumme’s. Check out this product’s information below.
WRANGLER™ 12 Pellet livestock feed is a dietary supplement for livestock that are pasture and hay fed but that also contains 8% fat for a more leveled and sustainable energy source. As with any new food, introduce this product to your livestock slowly over a 7 to 10 day period. This livestock food is perfect for cattle, horses, sheep and goats. See package details for food portions per specific animal.
● WRANGLER™ 12 Pellet livestock feed
● Dietary supplement for horses, cattle, goats and sheep
● Feed as directed
● As with any new product, introduce slowly over 7 to 10 days
Nutrient Analysis
● Crude protein: Min 12.0 percent
● Crude Fat: Min 8.0 percent
● Crude Fiber: Max 30.0 percent
● Calcium: Min 1.4 percent, Max 1.9 percent
● Phosphorus: Min 0.4 percent
● Salt: Min 1.0 percent, Max 1.5 percent
● Potassium: Min 0.6 percent
● Copper: Min 5 PPM, Max 15 PPM
● Zinc: Min 80 PPM
● Selenium: Min 0.1 PPM
● Vitamin A: Min 3,000 IU/Lb
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