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Wrangler 12 Pellet livestock feed

Wrangler 12 Pellet livestock feedWrangler 12 Pellet livestock feed

Did you know Mumme’s sells livestock feeds? Check out the Wrangler feeds Mumme’s sells here. Wrangler 12 Pellet livestock feed is one of the feeds Mumme’s sells and is a great option for your livestock. Learn more about this product below.
WRANGLER™ 12 Pellet livestock feed is a dietary supplement for livestock that are pasture and hay fed. As with any new food, introduce this product to your livestock slowly over a 7 to 10 day period. This livestock food is perfect for cattle, horses, sheep and goats. See package details for food portions per specific animal.
● WRANGLER™ 12 Pellet livestock feed
● Dietary supplement for horses, cattle, goats and sheep
● Feed as directed
● As with any new product, introduce slowly over 7 to 10 days
Nutrient Analysis
● Crude protein: Min 12.0 percent
● Crude Fat: Min 2.5 percent
● Crude Fiber: Max 30.0 percent
● Calcium: Min 1.4 percent, Max 1.9 percent
● Phosphorus: Min 0.4 percent
● Salt: Min 1.0 percent, Max 1.5 percent
● Potassium: Min 0.6 percent
● Copper: Min 5 PPM, Max 15 PPM
● Zinc: Min 80 PPM
● Selenium: Min 0.1 PPM
● Vitamin A: Min 3,000 IU/Lb
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