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Science Diet Adult Senior Beef

Science Diet Adult Senior Beef
Wanting to find canned food for you dog that is 7+ years old? Science Diet Adult Senior Beef is available for purchase from Mumme’s. Learn more about this product below.

Science Diet Adult Senior Beef

Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Beef & Barley Entrée dog food has precisely balanced nutrition to sustain mobility and muscle mass. Contains high-quality protein to sustain lean muscle. Promotes ideal body weight, healthy vital organs, and is easy to digest.

Benefit Nutrient How It Works
Lean muscle and ideal body weight High-quality lean proteins Protein is the building block for lean muscle and helps maintain ideal body condition.
Healthy heart and vital organs Sodium and Phosphorus Controlled levels of sodium and phosphorus help maintain kidney and heart health.
Easy to digest High-quality ingredients Ensures optimal nutrient absorption to keep your dog fit and healthy.

Recommended For:

Adult dogs 7 years and older.

Not Recommended For:

Puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs.

Other Products to Consider

You can find Science Diet wet food in other flavors and proteins. Science Diet also has dry foods to perfectly complement this canned food. Also tryScience Diet® treats that are sure to please!

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