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Mumme’s Cattle Supplement Salt & Meal 16%

Mumme’s Cattle Supplement 16% Salt and Meal – B1010

The Mumme’s Salt & Meal cattle ration can be used for cattle in all stages in life. With a higher salt content, the cattle that are fed this limit themselves on feeding saving the rancher or farmer money in the long run. All of our Mumme’s mixed cattle feeds are made fresh weekly to ensure the best quality to our customers. The Mumme’s Salt & Meal would be best suited as a supplement feed for cattle that are out to pasture.
If you have any further questions, please call Warren Beard at our Hondo location at (830)426-3313 for more information.
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Salt limiter pasture extender. Feed FREE CHOICE to beef cattle on pasture. Provide plant of fresh, clean water at all times.


Grain products, plant protein products, salt, urea.

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