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Honor Show Poultry Grow-Fin

A nutritionally complete and balanced ration for growing broilers from 22 days to finish and turkeys from 15 weeks to finish. This 22% protein diet is designed to finish the development of chickens and turkeys to their full genetic potential for shows. Honor® Show Poultry Grow-Fin can be preceded by Honor® Show Poultry Prestarter and Honor® Show Poultry Starter to prepare birds for show. Honor®Show Poultry Grow-Fin is supported by Purina’s knowledge, experience and research.


Nutritionally Complete Feed

Provides all the essential nutrients to develop
Broilers from 22 days to finish
Turkeys from 15 weeks to finish

Amino Acid Balance

Allows birds to achieve their full genetic potential
Helps develop excellent feathering

Necessary Levels of Fat and Energy

To provide the energy needed to maintain an increasing body size
To improve feed efficiency

Product Form - Pellet

Prevents sorting – assures consistent nutrient intake
Reduces feed wastage

Probiotics and Yeast Extracts

Supports immune and digestive health

Research Proven

Feed it with total confidence – backed by Purina’s legendary tradition of fundamental and applied research

Medicated (Amprolium)

Aids in the prevention of coccidiosis
No withdrawal time required



Blend the HSC Poultry feeds in 20-lb batches according to the tables below.

Note: A 20-lb batch is not indicative of the amount of feed your birds will eat during that period. Birds may require more or less than 20 lbs of feed each week based on flock size and environmental conditions. Birds should never be without feed. When blended feed runs low, prepare a new batch of feed based on the age of the birds.

Feeding chart for broiler

Feeding chart for turkey


Do not use in feeds containing bentonite. Store in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects. Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness, performance loss or death. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED

Special Considerations

The use of High Octane® Champion Drive™ and Power Fuel® supplements can be implemented as follows:

- Broilers: Begin adding 8 oz. of each starting at week 2

- Turkeys: Begin adding 8 oz. of each starting at week 5

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