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Honor Show Chow SHOWPIG 709

Honor Show Chow SHOWPIG 709

Honor Show Chow SHOWPIG 709

Honor® Show Chow® SHOWPIG 709 feed is designed for growing/developing show pigs weighing 50 lbs. and up. Honor® Show Chow® SHOWPIG 709 feed is a moderate protein, high energy feed formulated for ultra-modern show pigs needing muscle, cover, and body. Formulated for ultra-modern show pigs needing muscle, cover and body, SHOWPIG 709 feed is a 18% protein, 6.5% crude fat, 1.1% lysine feed in a 3/32” pellet designed for greater intake. Honor® Show Chow® SHOWPIG 709 feed is supported by Purina knowledge, experience and research. Get your pigs on SHOWPIG 709 feed today so you can unleash your genetic investment.
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Formulated for optimum growth and optimum muscle deposition...
  • Allows pigs to reach their full genetic potential
High energy formula
  • Allows pigs to continue adding soft muscle at heavier weight
Ultra proteins
  • Provide very high quality amino acid content
Steam rolled oats
  • Very digestible, great source of nutrients for pigs
Ideal protein formulation
  • Provides accurate and predictable essential amino acid intakes
3/32” or 1/8” pellets
  • Extremely small pellet for improved intake and pellet quality
Available with Lincomycin
  • For treatment of swine dysentery and control of porcine proliferative enteropathies (iletus)
  • Helps lower body temperature during periods of heat stress helping to keep pigs on feed during warm weather
Available with Tylan
  • Helps protect against Ileitis


Feed as the sole ration for 21 days. Feed to growing swine being fed for show purposes from 50 pounds and up. Caution: Occasionally, swine fed lincomycin may within the first two days after the onset of treatment develop diarrhea and/or swelling of the anus. On rare occasions, some pigs may show reddening of the skin and irritable behavior. These conditions have been self-correcting within five to eight days without discontinuing the lincomycin treatment. The effects of Lincomycin on swine reproductive performance, pregnancy and lactation have not been determined. Do not allow rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, or ruminants access to feeds containing lincomycin. Ingestion by these species may result in severe gastrointestinal effects. Not to be fed to swine that weigh more than 250 lb. DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP DUE TO HIGH LEVELS OF COPPER. Special Considerations: Protect from excessive temperatures (temperatures that exceed 40 degrees C or 104 degrees F) Do not store at warm temperatures up to 104 degrees F (40 degrees C) for more than 7 days.
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