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Honor Show Chow Finishing Touch

Honor Show Chow Finishing Touch

Honor Show Chow Finishing Touch

Honor® Show Chow® Finishing Touch® feed is a course-textured sweet feed. This is a complete, balanced diet formulated for optimum growth and development of show cattle during finishing. It can be preceded by feeding Honor® Show Chow® Fitters Edge® feed. Finishing Touch® feed is supported by Purina’s knowledge, experience and research.
Purple ribbons are spun from “Gold”. Learn the secret weapon of many serious show competitors and try Honor® Show Chow® Finishing Touch® feed today.

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Purina Mills® high-energy finisher for desired show cattle...
  • Nutrition that allows for overall condition and BLOOM to produce the degree of finish
Contains Purina Mills patented "GOLD NUGGET"...
  • This fat-containing, high-energy, GOLD-COLORED "NUGGET" is a result of the Purina Mills unique manufacturing process
  • The "GOLD NUGGET" provides a higher-energy ration
  • Promotes daily gain and a rapid deposition of finish
  • Balanced combination of zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt
  • Provides critical highly-available minerals that helps immune response which is critical for healthy traveling show cattle
  • Helps maximize growth & muscle development allowing cattle to reach their full potential
  • Research has shown that TASCO® helps lower body temperature during heat stress - helping keep animals on feed
DIAMOND V® Yeast Culture...
  • A true, fully fermented yeast culture developed specifically for optimum animal nutrition. Research proven, Diamond V has a unique ability to enhance ration digestibility, palatability and intake by delivering a rich, all-natural nutrient source to the animal’s digestive bacteria
Contains cottonseed hulls...
  • A very palatable roughage source
  • Provides consistent intakes
  • Feed it with total confidence - backed by Purina Mills' legendary tradition of fundamental and applied research - thousands of winning entries at local and national shows


The Winning Matrix™ Efficient production requires a thorough understanding and application of the fundamental principles of good husbandry and sanitation. The Purina Mills® Winning Matrix™ program will help you step into the spotlight. 1. GOOD BREEDING: Practice a sound genetic program of selection and culling. Visit a professional breeder for more information. Know the feeling when you have that perfect animal that has the best potential to win. 2. GOOD FEEDING: Proper nutrition for different needs and lifestyles starts with Honor® Show Chow® products. Feed at regular times at least two times daily, with three daily feedings preferred. You can’t become a Grand Champion without the best nutrition. 3. SOUND MANAGEMENT: A clean environment minimizes stress and improves average daily gains. Clean stalls, remove debris and provide fresh water daily. The daily attention to detail is the difference between a Grand Champion and lower placement. 4. PREVENTIVE HEALTH: Establish an effective health program with your local veterinarian. A sick animal never makes it to the top. These are the building blocks of the Honor® Show Chow® program and the keys to successful production. Practical application of these basic principles will not only enhance your animal’s growth and development, but also increase its potential of winning on the show circuit.


Feed as the sole ration to finishing cattle. This feed is designed for show cattle over 900 pounds, but may be fed to cattle of any age or weight with proper management. Finishing cattle should eat approximately 2.5-3% and should be fed 2 punds of hay per head per day. Frame, genetics, and management will determine finishing period. Important: This product is to be fed only to the animal species as directed on the label. Follow these management practices: 1. When making a ration change, allow 7-10 days for animals to adjust to the new ration. 2. Provide a source of fresh, clean water at all times. 3. Do not allow fine material to accumulate in feeders. 4. Provide adequate, well-protected and well-managed bunk space for each animal to prevent feed from becoming wet and moldy. 5. When fed from a self-feeder, adjust feederto minimize quantity of feed accumulating in trough. 6. Cattle should be vaccinated against enterotoxemia. 7. Consult your veterinarian forthe recommended health program for yourlocal area. This includes internal and external parasite control. 8. Provide plain salt and Purina Wind&Rain® All Season mineral free choice. In groups of cattle, there are certain animals that experience chronic bloat or other digestive disturbances, and consequently are poor performers. In addition, excess feed consumption, severe weather changes resulting in erratic feed consumption and poorly-managed feeding practices can increase the incidence of bloat in all cattle. If bloating does occur, the above management practices should be reviewed Caution: Store in a dry area away from insects. Do not feed moldy orinsect-infested feed.
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