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Purina Wildlife Antler Advantage Deer Feed

November 27, 2017

Purina Wildlife Antler Advantage Deer Feed | Mumme's Stock up on Purina Wildlife Antler Advantage deer feed at Mumme’s This rut & conditioning pellet is designed to improve the deer’s body condition prior to and throughout the rut. The high energy content will replenish body condition of does and bucks during and following the rut and during periods of low forage availability and quality through the winter months. This superior nutrition will result in healthy animals prepared to grow big antlers and produce and feed large, healthy fawns.

Headed to the deer lease in south Texas? Contact Warren Beard, Wildlife/ Livestock Production Specialist with Mumme’s You can reach him at 830-426-3313. #DeerFeed #AntlerAdvantage #Mummesinc

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