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Insect Control- Treatments for Lawns

April 21, 2017

insect controlKeep pests out of your yard, home and off your pets this season with Insect Control Treatments from Mumme’s Kill pests quickly with insecticides that control insects for months at a time. We have many options to keep your grass, pets and family pest free this season. Some of the products you can find at Mumme’s include:
Viper Insecticide can be used indoors and outdoors for the following insects: ants, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, beetles, fleas, flies, millipedes, mosquitoes, silverfish, bees, scorpions, ticks, wasps and more.
Turf Ranger is an insecticide that you apply with your fertilizer to target Ants, Armyworms, Chinch Bugs, Crickets, Fire Ants, Fleas, Grasshoppers, Scorpions, Spiders, European Crane Fly and others.
Permethrin Insecticide controls a wide variety of turf, garden, and ornamental pests. Hi-Yield Indoor/Outdoor Broad Use Insecticide can be used inside homes, in home gardens for labeled fruits and vegetables, and on ornamental plants and lawns around residential, industrial, commercial, and other non-agricultural outdoor areas. Pests controlled include fleas, ticks, carpet beetles, cockroaches, crickets, mites, centipedes, weevils, and beetles indoors. Outdoor insects controlled include aphids, bagworms, cicadas, spider mites, thrips, whiteflies, ants, earwigs, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, tent caterpillars, lilac borers, and biting midges.
Over ’n Out Advanced Fire Ant Killer banishes fire ants from your yard. The deep-penetrating and odorless formula kills the pesky pests and their queen. Treat the mounds to kill fire ants fast and then apply the ready to use granules to your yard to prevent new mounds for 6 months.
Bayer Grub Control kills white grubs before they damage lawns and become Japanese beetles. Just one treatment prevents grubs all season long.
Looking for an Organic Option?
Carl Pool Diatomaceous Earth ( Food Grade) is available at Mumme’s to kill pests and it’s safe for the whole family!
Stop by today to speak with our knowledgeable team about your pest control needs. Keep your family and pets insect free this season with Mumme’s

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