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Bonnie Plants – Fertilizer, Potting Soil and Pre Emergent

February 21, 2017

bonnie plantsIt’s time for spring gardening when Bonnie plants arrive!  Stop by your local Mumme’s front porch and see the selection of Bonnie plants we have in stock.  A variety of tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and herbs are available. Keep your garden in shape this Spring with quality pre emergent, fertilizer, potting soil and compost.  Looking for organic options? We carry Lady Bug Brand and Medina fertilizer for organic gardeners and lawn care.
Chemical fertilizers interrupt the natural nutrient exchange between soil, soil microbes, and plant roots. This creates a dependency, whereby plants soon require near-constant feeding. The result is a gradual degradation of soil and plant health, making plants vulnerable to diseases and pests. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, feed the soil microbes which in turn feed the plants. This is a natural, self-sustaining system. Over time, the organic method is cheaper than using chemicals because fewer applications are needed. In addition, gardeners are less likely to spend money on products to control pests and diseases.
Stop by Mumme’s in Hondo, Pearsall or Rio Medina, TX, your lawn and gardening headquarters.

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