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Veteran Broadhead

October 13, 2016

fullsizerenderWe are now carrying the new innovative Veteran Broadhead from Veteran Innovative Products. The Veteran Broadhead is the world’s first scalpel sharp compressible cutting width blade system, for the perfect shot for compound or crossbow use.

The blades are surgical sharp and deploy after entering the chest cavity giving you 3-1/4″ cutting diameter when fully deployed. The Veteran has a spring tension system to keep blades open through soft tissue, yet retreats to narrower cutting width (1-1/4″) when going through or past bones.

“We are pleased to provide hunters with these state-of-the-art, battlefield ready weapons. Not only have they been proven, but will deliver the most practical and consistent trophy hunting experience,” said Chris Albrecht, co-founder of Veteran Innovative Products.

This head is going to change the broadhead market forever.

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